Unitized Curtain Wall Design & Testing (Video)


Anderson Aluminum’s unitized curtain wall design (click here) was put to the test on Wednesday, May 4th, on a custom mock-up built for the upcoming Parks Edge Condo Project, developed by Nationwide Realty Investors and managed by Messer Construction. We used an airplane propeller to test our Unitized Curtain Wall system and simulate extreme weather. We’re happy to say the system we engineered, built, and installed can withstand even the harshest elements

Our team engineered, fabricated, and installed full curtain wall units demonstrating actual job-site conditions. Testing & reporting was conducted by independent consultants at Facade Forensics and Quast Consulting.

We are proud of our unitized curtain wall design, fabrication, and installation abilities, which allowed us to pass the tests with flying colors.

Test Results:

Static Air Infiltration Test – PASSED (ASTEM E283): Test measured 32.5cfm gross air leakage less 20.0cfm chamber leakage from pretest = 12.5cfm net leakage through the specimen = 0.046cfm/sf, less than allowed 16.4cfm= 0.06cfm/sf at 6.24psf inward pressure equal to 50mph winds on the 273.4sf curtainwall.

Static Water Leakage Test – PASSED (ASTEM E331): at +10psf inward pressure with 5 gal/hr/sf water spray, equaling a 2-inch rainfall with sustained 63mph winds for 15 minutes, no water entered.

Dynamic Water Leakage Test – PASSED (AAMA 501.1): at 63 mph slipstream velocity to simulate +10psf, provided by V-8 motor-driven 4-blade 6-feet diameter propeller at 2,100rpm with 5 gal/hr/sf water spray, equaling a 2-inch rainfall for 15 minutes, directing its thrust onto face, repeated on each quadrant, no water entered.