Anderson Aluminum offers customers a comprehensive, full-service approach to design and construction, backed by an experienced team of professionals. We’re committed to bringing your project to life by finding the best possible solutions and most efficient processes.

Pre-Construction Services

Anderson Aluminum’s pre-construction team leverages our vast project experience and supplier network to offer the best products and systems for each individual project. Our goal is to understand the owner’s vision and help bring it to life. Using a design assist approach, we regularly coordinate with architects, contractors, and other members of the project team to finalize the construction set of drawings and reconcile the specifications. Our team provides product recommendations which offer the right performance and design characteristics, while keeping the project schedule, budget, and constructibility in mind. This collaborative process with each of the project stakeholders is what brings every unique project to life.

Project Management

Anderson Aluminum’s accomplished Project Management team is your project partner, overseeing all phases of the façade from kick off to completion. We develop and manage the facade schedule to ensure materials are procured and manufactured in advance of onsite installation, ensuring the scope is completed on time and on budget, and the Anderson Way is followed through every step of the process. Our Project Managers are routinely recognized by our clients for their ability to lead teams and deliver a quality project.

Engineering & Drafting

Anderson Aluminum’s Engineering & Drafting team employs best-in-class Engineers, Drafters, and 3D Modelers to deliver designs that support our client’s vision, while also designing for the necessary performance requirements on each individual project. We utilize the latest technologies and processes for design and construction such as CAD drawings, 3D modeling, thermal modeling, and structural analysis. Our team is accustomed to working with nationally renowned contractors and architects, and their detailed work supports our manufacturing and installation teams in making our client’s vision a reality.

Quality Control

Anderson Aluminum’s quality control program ensures each project is a success by adhering to strict quality control measures throughout every step of the design, manufacturing, and installation process. Our team consistently performs quality control tests to make sure our products and systems meet or exceed the performance requirements of each individual project. We regularly perform project-specific mock-ups and performance tests, which can take place at either a laboratory testing facility, on the project site, or a mock-up test chamber at our manufacturing facility. This process if a great asset and allows the entire project team the ability to evaluate constructibility issues and make necessary adjustments in a controlled environment.


Anderson Aluminum’s manufacturing facility allows us to use state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes which keep us at the forefront of the glazing industry. We leverage our experience, equipment, and technology to provide quality craftsmanship and maintain the project schedule.  Our process allows us to manufacture our own custom components and form a true, vertically integrated façade solution. Additionally, we utilize partnerships with our suppliers to obtain high-quality pre-manufactured elements such as operable windows, doors, louvers, and sunshades, that are then incorporated within our systems. This process allows for high-quality facade systems which are built efficiently to support your project schedule. That is the Anderson Way and our promise to our partners.


Anderson Aluminum’s team of experienced glaziers and superintendents form our installation teams which are leaders in the curtain wall industry. Each of our team members receive the highest level of training and safety prior to reaching your construction site. We utilize both our own equipment and highly-qualified equipment suppliers so we may meet the stringent safety standards for our operations and installation services. Our clients count on us to install systems with the highest degree of quality, precision, and safety. By having our installation teams work closely with our Project Management, Engineering,  and Manufacturing teams, we’re able anticipate and prepare for any unforeseen field conditions ahead of time – supporting our commitment to complete your project safely, on time, and within budget.

our trusted products & systems

Anderson Aluminum takes a comprehensive approach to your construction project. From concept through completion, our product and system recommendations will fit your needs. Our professional and experienced team will work with you to help determine the product for your design and budget, providing clarity and transparency throughout the preconstruction, design, manufacturing and construction process.

Unitized Curtain Walls
With our unitized glazing capabilities we can build curtainwall systems with greater speed, quality, and size, than was ever thought possible with the traditional stick built method. Unitized curtain walls are fabricated and glazed in our controlled manufacturing facility, then stored and sent directly to the job site where they are hoisted in place and anchored to the building. With Unitized Curtainwall systems there is no on-site glazing needed, allowing us to minimize our footprint and install over 3x as quickly as compared with traditional curtainwall systems. Our special unitized curtainwall equipment also allows us to create larger curtainwall units with more seamless sightlines which are becoming the norm for many modern mid to high rise structures.
Pre-Glazed Window Wall
Pre-Glazed window walls offer many of the same benefits of a Unitized Curtainwall system, including the ability to pre-fabricate in a controlled manufacturing environment and a faster rate of enclosure; however, unlike Unitized Curtainwalls which by-pass the floor slab, Pre-Glazed Window Walls span from slab to slab, within punched openings, and in ribbon window configurations. Just like our Unitized Curtainwalls, Pre-Glazed Window Wall units are stored and shipped to site, thus eliminating the need for on-site glazing and allowing us to install over 3x as quickly as compared with traditional window wall systems.
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