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Anderson Aluminum offers a holistic approach to your construction project. From concept to installation, our product and systems recommendations will fit your needs. Our professional and experience team members will take you through our comprehensive process, providing clarity and transparency until the moment your project is completed.

ABOUT unitized glazing

We’ve established processes for unitized curtain wall and pre-glazed window wall systems to be installed more efficiently than other traditional glazing methods. As part of these processes, our systems are glazed in a controlled shop environment where we’re ale to maintain the highest standard of quality. A subsidiary of Anderson Aluminum, Anderson Unitized Glazing, is responsible for the manufacturing of unitized curtain wall systems that are customized to each specific project and can incorporate multiple design components such as sunshades, signage supports, fins cap covers, etc. Once completed, these units are sent as a complete product. We start with design, manufacture in our facility and ship the products to the field, thus minimizing field labor and maximizing the time of your project.


Our unitized curtain wall systems are designed and manufactured at our home facility in Columbus, OH. We utilize the latest technologies in design. Our experienced engineers and account team will provide you with CAD drawings as well as 3D models and renderings. We follow a strong, multiple step quality control program to ensure we’re providing the highest quality of unitized curtain walls and more. Our way, the Anderson Way, is to begin each project at the design level and to work with your team throughout the entirety of the manufacturing, shipping and installation process.


Alongside our own team, we work with trusted businesses to ensure you’re receiving the highest-quality of supplies. Through our partnership of over 30 years with our supplier YKK AP, we’re able to issue their full range of products to suit your building and envelope needs, including aluminum framed entrances and storefronts. From high performance thermal doors and thermal window walls to thermal storefronts and high performance curtain wall systems, our partnership with YKK AP helps provide you the best products alongside the highest level of craftsmanship. Pre-glazed window wall & curtain walls offer many of the same benefits as unitized curtain walls, and they can be used to meet different architectural conditions such as punched openings and ribbon window configurations.

metal products

We utilize our advanced metal fabrication equipment to create a large range of miscellaneous metal products. Our metal forming equipment, break press, shear, 5-axis CNC, and panel roller, allow us to cut, bend, and roll equipment is able to cut steel from 22ga steel sheets up to ¼” steel plate into structural components, decorative metals, flashings, sunshades, handrails, fintube covers, and other architectural products. Our ACM capabilities allow us to custom create ACM panels and use them in a variety of application, including both wet and dry joint wall panels, curved panels, and rolled column covers.