Project Engineer

Project Engineers work with our Project Managers, clients, and architects to design curtain-walls, storefronts, composite metal panels, and other enclosure systems using computer aided design (CAD) software to meet customer requirements as well as comply with company and industry standards and governmental regulations. They assist in developing and maintaining company processes and standards and works under the immediate direction of the Director of Engineering. 



  • Completes designs of moderate complexity including assemblies and components using CAD software.
  • Generates embed, plan, and elevation drawings and shop drawing details using architectural and structural drawings and project scope documents.
  • Ensure all specifications are followed and conform to the rigid standards of the company in the design of all systems.
  • Creates fabrication drawings of assemblies and components.
  • Supports production control, shop and field personnel during manufacturing and installation of designed assemblies and components.
  • Adheres to company processes and standards.
  • Responsible for timely and accurate work (including shop/fabrication drawings, always ensure all work is checked).
  • Provides ongoing support for the fabrication and field Departments.
  • Other duties as required.


  • Takes initiative identifying and researching problems; responds to problems perceived by others, distinguishes “symptoms” from root causes; develops appropriate and creative solutions and chooses best alternative; implements corrective action in a timely manner; ensures problems do not reoccur.
  • Makes decisions in a timely manner after considering all factors and available information.
  • Determines customer and project needs from available information and executes assignments to meet those needs.
  • Works to resolve design and technical issues with internal Engineering Team, PM’s, Shop and Field personnel.
  • Consults others and encourages participation by others when appropriate.


  • Communicates in a timely manner ensuring projects progress without delay and work is completed as agreed.
  • Listens effectively to others.
  • Requests information and asks questions as necessary in order to complete assignments.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of what information is necessary to communicate to others and does so in a timely manner using the appropriate medium (phone, email, face-to-face meeting, etc.).
  • Provides information to project stakeholders proactively and as requested.
  • Ensures verbal and written communications, including drawings, are understood.


  • Maintains knowledge of current building envelope and fenestration design practices.
  • Develops understanding of unitized curtain wall design.
  • Demonstrates competence in current CAD technology and continuous improvement using CAD technology.
  • Applies company and industry standards and procedures to assigned work.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of project specifications, architectural and structural drawings, bid documents and other project documentation and applies information to project assignments.
  • Seeks opportunities for professional development and learning applicable to current and future roles.
  • Assists in the review of fab drawings.


  • Supports the development of lesser skilled employees.
  • Seeks opportunities for professional development and learning applicable to current and future roles.
  • Embraces continuous improvements and works with team to understand and implement improvements successfully.


  • Responds promptly to inquiries.
  • Promotes emphasis on customer satisfaction
  • Works with internal team to ensure a continuous flow of work from engineering to the Shop and Field
  • Participates in project status meetings with the project team.
  • Works collaboratively with peers to achieve company and department goals.


  • Ensures a mutual understanding of project assignment expectations.
  • Meets agreed project milestones.
  • Complies with guidelines for completing work assignments such as filing and storing drawings and project files.
  • Collaborates with peers to discover ways to streamline work processes.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in scheduling and accepting work assignments to meet the needs of the company and department.
  • Ensures completed work is thorough (clear, complete & accurate), free of errors, timely, and meets requirements.


  • Minimum 3 years drafting experience
  • Associates degree in Engineering Technology, Design Drafting or related field -OR- a minimum of 5 years of experience in the design of building envelopes and fenestration.
  • Experience reading and understanding architectural and construction specifications and bid documents
  • Experience reading and interpreting architectural and structural drawings i.e., dimensions, symbols, types of lines, scales and views, including elevations, plans and sections
  • Recognizes elements and symbols of blueprints, drawings and specifications
  • Recognizes basic engineering and architectural principles in various structures (e.g., poured concrete, steel etc.)
  • Expresses thoughts, ideas and technical information clearly both verbally and in writing
  • Well-developed drafting and mechanical drawing skills
  • Knowledge and experience applying drafting standards
  • Works well under the pressure of time constraints and changing expectations
  • Proficient using AutoCAD
  • Experience using Microsoft Office (Outlook and Word)


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