Glazing & Installation

Glazier positions work directly on job-sites throughout Central Ohio.  Our glaziers install our aluminum & glass framing systems and their components.


  • Glazier
  • Field Foreman (Supervisor)



  • Glazes curtain wall, strip windows, and store fronts properly
  • Erects and glazes glass walls
  • Does demolition at job sites as needed
  • Read blueprints for job sites 
  • Installs mirrors as appropriate
  • Applies caulking and adhesives properly
  • Helps load and unload fabricated units and other materials onto or from company vehicles
  • Maintain a high degree of cooperation, communication, and coordination with all other employees
  • Helps out others as needed
  • Works as a team to finish projects efficiently and effectively
  • Flexible work duties to suit what is needed each day
  • Other tasks or duties as assigned by the Site Superintendent or General Manager
  • Reports to work promptly and on time, ready to work
  • Maintains a neat, safe, clean, and hazard-free work area
  • Cleans work area, tools, and equipment at the end of each day
  • Attends and participates in department meetings, safety meetings, and training sessions
  • Accurately fill-out time card on a daily basis


  • Uses tools and equipment properly and safely, only after receiving proper training
  • Wears and properly uses safety equipment appropriate for the work to be done
  • Follows all safety processes and procedures, as dictated by Anderson Aluminum and the site contractor
  • Cleans up any breakage or spillage of which you are aware or that is brought to your attention
  • ALWAYS follows proper lifting technique



  • Knowledge and experience of fabricating and installing storefront, curtain wall, brake metal, ACM panels, doors, and glass rail
  • Experience with power tools
  • Basic carpentry skills
  • Experience with caulking/sealant applications
  • Comfort level with heights
  • Fluent in English
  • Provide high quality work
  • Organized, responsible, and reliable
  • Punctual, committed, and hard working
  • Concerned with job safety


  • The ability to stand for 95% of an average week
  • Walking, bending, twisting, climbing, turning head and torso, crawling, reaching, flexing the arms and legs, and stooping as necessary
  • Lifting and carrying weights in excess of 100 pounds
  • The tolerance to work outdoors sometimes in extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, and all kinds of precipitation
Job Type: Full-time

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