BX Craftsman Award Winners: The AC Marriott Team

Congratulations to our team members on winning the 2018 BX Craftsmanship Award for their incredible exterior curtain wall and interior glass work at the AC Marriott Hotel. Thank you to the BX for this recognition, and to our partners at Brackett Builders and Crawford Hoying.

The project includes eight floors of curved unitized curtain wall, aluminum composite panels and window wall windows, interior and exterior aluminum doors, ACM column covers and a glass handrail for the rooftop patio.

The complexity of the curved window system was a challenge to engineer, fabricate, glaze and install. A unique mix of glass, aluminum cap covers and aluminum composite panels were used in the building’s exterior design. The crew precisely laid out and installed all three elements to appear as one seamless curved curtain wall. Congrats again to our team for their innovative craftsmanship work on this project.